Some people use their phones for business purposes. Others spend their time on social media like Facebook and Instagram. You can see how it is difficult to make a phone that is going to appeal to most people. Well, the results of 2020 are in. Here are the most popular phones of the previous year.

Oneplus 7T

The 7T features a 6.55-inch screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. It is definitely one of the fastest Android phones out there and the RAM is to die for. The 7T uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor. It also has a fingerprint reader and a stereo speaker. Don’t worry about the phone being a simple fad – its updates are guaranteed for the next two years.

If you are into phones with good cameras, you may not be thrilled about the 7T. True, its camera has gotten better, but it is a minor step-up from the previous version. The combination of processing power, fast charging, and an awesome screen for the smooth rendition of videos and apps is more than worth it. We would recommend the 7T over its Pro version, as you get most of the same features for a smaller cost.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The best phone on this list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It is a phone for people that need the extra kick on the go. It uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and relies on Android 10. Its best selling point is its water resistance. However, we have to mention its fingerprint reader, wireless charging, and pen.

There is a reason this model can be credited with the revival of the Note series. The dynamic refresh rate saves your battery, the cameras face no difficulties of the previous Ultra versions, and the image quality is superb. The only downside to the phone is the price, which, at the time of writing, is about $1,000. Then again, that’s the price you pay for greatness.

Motorola Moto G8 Plus

The best phone for those that are faced with a limited budget. To call Moto G8 Plus a decent phone does not do it justice. It uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 and Android 9. The stereo speakers are perfect for watching videos and the case is splash-proof, though not quite water-resistant, meaning that it can handle a little rain, but not a drop in the pool, for example. The camera is pure Motorola work at its finest. For the money, it provides surprisingly good pictures and videos, which makes it perfect for social media addicts.

One of its finest selling points is the combination of long battery life and the phone’s frugality in using it. It is energy efficient and can handle most of what you throw at it game-wise, as long as the games you play don’t demand too much of the graphics.

To put it simply, Moto G8 Plus is for those that need a new phone that needs to be a phone: decent processing power, solid picture quality, and superb battery life. At the time of writing, it costs between $170 and $220, based on location and extra features.