Mobile phones are important in our modern, digital culture. We all use them on a daily basis to communicate and as media consumption and creation devices. There used to be many competitors in the mobile phone world, from Nokia to Sony Ericsson, each having their own approach to the mobile phone design and each their own system.

It wasn’t until the first iPhone was released that things started to shape as we know them today. Android came not long after and the two systems were trading blows for a while. In other industries, more than two systems are available, for example, sports betting, where there are multiple online bookmakers, like betsafe.

In 2021, however, you are still left with Android and iPhone, if you want flagship products that will last you a couple of years, at least. Here is how to choose one or the other.

Apple – A Unified Ecosystem

Apple has had many iterations of its iPhone, the current one being the iPhone 12. What most iPhones have in common is the operating system, iOS. It is a single ecosystem made for a single device, or in this case, 12 devices. 

You cannot realistically expect Apple to support the first iPhone with the newest system, mainly due to hardware compatibilities, but even 5-year-old phones can still get the latest updates. That is a long time for a phone to get updates.

Another benefit of Apple’s single ecosystem is that all apps are compatible with their devices, meaning that you won’t have any hassle with them, something Android used to be notorious for (which mostly bothered Apple users who switch systems).

Android – Choice

It is very simple. With Android, you get an open-source system that can be modified as you please. Being open-source means that people can see its code and add to it, making it safer and better for everyone.

The other beautiful part of Android is that there are so many manufacturers making Android phones, Sony, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Motorola, not to mention many other niche and up-and-coming companies, which will add to the plethora of devices.

Choice paralysis is a possibility, but a choice is better than no choice. 

Apple Versus Android – The Right Choice?

It is difficult to make the right choice if you never got to use either of the devices. The simplest way to see which one is the right one for you is to try them if that is an option. Most stores have demo models which you can click and poke around, to see which one feels better for you to use.

Both systems have flagship models which will be so close to one another in terms of performance, that only the system will be the difference. 

Try Both if You Get the Chance

There is no real answer for those who have yet to try both systems. Whether Apple’s unified system which just works or Android’s many phones and the ability to modify everything as much as you want, both have something to offer to every type of user.

It is amazing that we still get a choice when it comes to operating systems, and particularly, which manufacturer we want to support. There are plenty of phones out there, yet two systems dominate Android and iPhones iOS. Choose one, or both, try them out!