There has always been this drive to have the latest and best technology, so much so that people start camping in front of stores a couple of days prior to a product’s launch. Having the best and latest technology and being first means a lot to some people. They are willing to spend a lot of their time to purchase a product which they would likely be able to have a week or month later (provided that they are in stock). Just like sports betting experts would use a Bet bonus to improve their balance, so would tech aficionados either wait in line, or have a script ready to snag up a product on launch second.

What about the latest iPhone, the iPhone 12? Should you purchase it?

The Stats Monster – It Has Rivals

In today’s world, even with the iPhone’s stats improving, specifically the screen resolution and size, not to mention the performance overall, as well as the camera. But, then again, its rivals match and outperform it in some scenarios, or multiple ones. Samsung has a comparable camera, a larger screen and better refresh rate. Huawei has better battery life, as well as a comparable camera. The Pixel from Google has a great camera, while Xiaomi manages to do all of that, while having a reasonable price. Apple’s new iPhone, while great, has plenty of rivals.

The Ecosystem – Being Used to Something Helps

Most people who use Apple products do it because of its ease of use. Whether computers, laptops or phones, Apple has a plug and play experience, where the end user doesn’t have to get their hands dirty, not in the slightest. Compared to Linux and Android, where you can customize everything but also break a lot of things, Apple and specifically, the iPhone, is much more user friendly. 

Getting used to an ecosystem is great for efficiency, but not so much if you want to move to something different, where you have the option to have more control. 

A Question of Price – How Much Should You Spend

Depending on how much money you have and are willing to spend on a mobile phone, starting from 800 dollars at least, or euros, depending on where you are, the iPhone is pricey. The better models cost upwards of a 1000 dollars. Comparable phones have a similar price, unless you are talking about flagship killers such as the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Sony, the forgotten hero who still keeps the headphone jack on their 800 dollar phone, is still around, albeit nobody but the enthusiasts talks about it. There are competitors to the iPhone, but if you want, there are plenty of competitors for the price.

iPhone – It’s Good – With Caveats

Unlike its competitors, the iPhone is great if you are a fan of Apple’s ecosystem. It is a great product, even though it lacks things like a higher refresh rate screen. That might be a good thing, however, having in mind its lackluster battery size.

There are similar or better phones for the money, but you should consider the iPhone 12 if you like Apple’s products and ecosystem, as well as a great camera.