Phones are the modern person’s toy, entertainment device, and computer, all in one. We use them almost all the time, watching videos, using offers like this BetBull Welcome Offer, watching tutorials, chatting… All this leads to a lot of battery drainage. Nothing drains the battery like screen time. Getting a phone with a physically larger battery might solve that, but in all honesty, software optimization does most of the work. 

Applications can also help, particularly those which are related to battery saving. Battery-saving apps might do wonders for your screen time, as well as battery health, so here are some applications to consider.

Battery Guru – Battery Saver

Process termination apps are great, but a task manager is not really necessary for most phones unless there are some persistent tasks and apps which you want to have off at all times unless you specifically need it.

Battery Guru cares more about the health and longevity of your battery than about killing processes. The very process of charging your battery damages it, especially quick charging. Battery Guru can help make your battery last longer by providing you with necessary tips, restrictions, and overall information about how you should handle your phone and its charging process.

It has a free and paid version. It is also an Android-only application.

Battery Life

This is a great application to consider if you are an iPhone user. The App Store has fewer battery-saver options compared to Android devices, which mostly has to do with Apple’s closed systems. Android is open source and can therefore be accessed at will, meaning much more thorough development of third-party applications.

Battery Life is a very simple application that helps the user get the necessary information about their battery. Battery information gives you a good idea of what you might want to change in your phone usage habits, as well as charging habits. The application, like most nowadays, has in-app purchases, to unlock more premium features.


Greenify is a great application for Android users which allows the users to make their phones sleep and wake at will. Doze modes are great, but having more control of your device is even better. The app works with non-rooted devices, but it is more powerful if you use a rooted device.

The application is free but allows developer support for 4$ USD. Some of us spend too much time waking our phones up, unlocking the screen. This application can help us prevent that, thus helping with battery life.

Battery Life Doctor

Battery Life Doctor comes with a free and premium, Pro version. It is an iPhone application, making it a great alternative for Apple users. It can help prolong your battery life and also provide you with information about what is using your battery. Useful tips on what to do are displayed, based on your habits.


These are some of the best battery saver applications to consider if you want to prolong your battery life and have more screen time. Try them out, see whether they work for your phone.