iPhone 6 is a nice-looking phone from Apple Inc. This phone was announced on 9/9/14 and was released on after 10 days. The phone comes in 3 different shades silver, gold and space gray. This phone has a beautiful 4.7inch display with a resolution of 750×1334 pixels. The total phone waits around 126g, which is lite. In the hardware section, it has Apple A8 chipset with 1GB of ram. The main rare camera is 8MP and 1.2MP in the front camera. Its battery life is nice which is 1810mAh and it comes with 4 different storage capacities, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

In the UK, the price of the iPhone 6 has dropped a little, start at £539 for 16GB, £619 for 64GB and £699 for 128GB without sim. But some companies are offering the phone with their connection with good budget deals. Pick from one of this might be the best iPhone 6 deals for you.

The lowest offer from EE for the 32GB handset is, unlimited minutes unlimited texts and 1GB 4G data at £17.99 per moths for 24 months, which will cost £456.76 at the end of the 24th month with an upfront of £25. If you want to use 8GB data instead of 1GB, it will cost you £32 per month.

From O2 lowest iPhone 6 with 32GB storage will cost you £535.99. For monthly £19 and £79.99 upfront, you will get unlimited minutes, unlimited text and 500MB data. If you prefer more data like, 15GB then you will have to pay £35 per month without upfront.

Three is offering for 32GB phone unlimited text, unlimited minutes and 8GB at £25 monthly with £333.99 upfront. If you pick 12GB data instead, you have to spend £41 per month without any upfront.

If you prefer Vodafone connection, they are offering the 32GB phone with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 1GB 4G data at £21 per month and £25 upfront, the total of £529 costs at the 24 months. For 16GB data package, it will cost you £36 per month without any upfront.

Tesco is another company how is offering some deals. Their offer starts at £21 per month, where you are getting 500 minutes. 5000 texts and 500MB 4G data.

There are still a lot of option to get the best iPhone 6 deals on market. Like some of the websites are offering iPhone 6 with a very low price-tag. This from Amazon, you can get the full iPhone 16GB only from £268 which unlock, plus you will get 1 years of warranty free. For 64GB you have to spend about £355 and 128GB might cost you around £349 to £389 without any connection. These phones are great and you can use it as you want without thinking about your monthly cost.

Getting a plan with a connecting or buying the phone directly from the store, there is plenty of options for you. If you are thinking of buying the phone now or few day later, hope the option on the above helps you to find the best iPhone 6 deals.