We all love technology, particularly when new technology gets released. However, not all new technology is good, because companies often fail to deliver what customers want. Some customers are more vocal than others and they tend to be the loudest ones, wanting a single thing that others do not care about.

However, there are some relatively universal things that most smartphone companies should deliver, or in some cases, start reintroducing. 

Here are some qualities and features which we would love to see in 2022.

More Privacy Oriented Options

This has become a big concern, particularly with all the mandatory things that people must do during a global pandemic. The internet is already a problematic space to navigate, particularly if you want to keep your privacy in check.

Having more advanced controls to monitor various applications and even the option to physically disable some devices like the Wi-Fi module, or Bluetooth module, or anything which is related to outside connections.

Advanced application monitoring is available in some form or another on most modern Android phones, but more privacy options from the manufacturers themselves are welcome.

The Headphone Jack

Aside from Sony and some brands like Asus and companies which build gaming phones, the flagship devices have no headphone jack. This is a big punch to the face for most audiophiles and people who prefer using headphones with cables, which are very much still in use. 

As we can all see from flagship Sony phones, all other flagships can also have a headphone jack without any trade-offs. Other competing companies like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oneplus, Huawei and others, should reconsider this basic connectivity solution.

More Battery Saving Options

Batteries are polarizing. We want them to be larger, but not so large that our devices become heavy. We want fast charging to quickly charge our phones, but that comes at the expense of battery life. 

All of these things mean that phones should have better information about battery life and battery preservation. Educating consumers on how to make the most out of their batteries is the way to go. A battery that lasts longer is much better for the consumer and the environment.

Normal Prices

Phones have become something of a gimmick nowadays. Upwards of 1000 dollars for a phone is ridiculous, when some of the features simply do not need to be on a device. Some phones cost upwards of 2000 dollars, which is even worse. Phone prices should not exceed 500 dollars, but that is up to the consumers which vote with their wallets.


Phones should have some qualities which they lost, as well as some which they have never had. These are some of those qualities and features. 2022 should be an interesting year for phones.