Smartphones have made a lot of things more convenient. We use them for chatting, calling, reading the news, and shopping. We also use them for football betting or placing wagers on other sports, and of course for playing games. All things considered, lengthy road trips and standing for a long time in a queue is a lot more bearable when we have our smartphone around. 

As far as smartphones go, the iPhone is one of the most popular options, due to its amazing hardware and safety features. Here we will go over some of the popular and really amazing games that you can play on your iPhone, so if you haven’t heard of them yet, download them and give them a try. 

AFK Arena 

A really fun free-to-play game that is all about collecting different heroes and incorporating them into your team. The game starts innocently and allows you to progress fast but soon it starts to become more difficult and you will have to think hard about how to continue your progression.

As the enemies become more powerful than your team of heroes, you need to think of a strategy or the best team composition in order to continue your campaign. You have tanks, supports, range-damage dealers, spell caster, and bruisers. You need to level up those heroes, improve their equipment and use different resources to increase their power. 

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Tower defense games used to be all the rage back in the day, when people used Warcraft 3’s map editor to craft these digital experiences. Even though they are not as popular on PC as they used to be, the decision to make tower defense as a phone game was the right move. One of the best tower defense games out there is Kingdom Rush Vengeance. 

You use resources to build and upgrade your turrets and you need to think about how to position them in order to outsmart and defeat the waves of approaching enemies. If you love the good old classics like Plants vs. Zombies then you should really try Kingdom Rush.     

Speed Dating for Ghosts

There are so many things to do in the afterlife, and if you have a dating app as a ghost, then the whole being dead thing might not bother you as much. This is a really fun game where you go into different chat rooms with other ghosts, and after talking to them you need to decide who you want to date. Truth be told, you don’t have too much agency in the game, but you at least get to explore different storylines and how they pan out. So, if you want a more unique gaming experience, chances are you have not tried anything similar to Speed Dating for Ghosts.

Octagon 2

Octagon is one of those games that really take advantage of the hardware in order to create a unique gaming experience for a phone. One thing that many people find annoying with phone games is that they are trying to be something they are not. As a result, you have lots of games that add a small controller to the screen which kind of makes the whole experience clumsy. Octagon is a fast-paced game where you need to get the ball from point A to point B and use quick wit and reaction in order to find the available path.