iPhone is one of our favorite devices for beautiful looks, secure apps and also for being the most user-friendly. Most of the great apps firstly meet the iOS platform. In the app store, there are a lot of apps you can find and for most of them, you have to spend your money. But again, it still has a lot of good apps which are free. In the free apps section, there are some apps which really are the best. Picking the best free iPhone apps sometime depends on the category because one app is not enough for every task. Like an anti-virus cannot be a good photo editing app. So, let’s check best free iPhone apps below.

In the photo editing category, the best photo editing app and collage maker is the PicsArt. Download PicsArt from the app store to experience the photo editing tools. This app has great effects, camera, gallery, collage maker, free clip arts, stickers created by millions of its users and effective drawing tools. Here you can use your creative ideas to make you picture as you want. Also, this app has a lot of filters which are very easy to use.

In the security division Lookout is one of the best free apps in every way possible. This app comes with some wonderful features. As an anti-virus, this app gets the job done. This also secure your WIFI and check if your network founds anything unsafe. With this app, you can also track your iPhone and find if it gets lost. After installing, you don’t have to worry if your phone gets stolen.

For learning purpose, iTunes U is the best app to keep. This app offers you courses from various school and university, which is absolutely free. This app gives you assignments to learn more effectively. Instructors help you with video, audios, books, apps, presentation, documents and including course materials. You get here over 500k lectures on 1000+ subjects.

iCareFone is another great app to have. This app helps you to block all the unnecessarily ads, banners, and pop-ups. It has both VPN and open services. Basically, it is a one-touch app and very easy to use.

Audials Radio is a great app for music with a lot of features. This app allows you to listen to music from any radios station in the world. It also has a good music player and you can listen to your favorite podcasts too.

AnyDo is another great and it’s the best app for some busy people. This app helps you to track your task, schedule, notes etc. This is a great app to keep. You can also sync this between pc and phone. Here you can also add an entry with your voice. It also comes with a great calendar.

These are some of the best free iPhone apps on the market. Download these if you don’t have and if you already have one of these, be sure to keep it. These apps will help you to do your task with minimum time and effort.