Virtual reality is not just a trend anymore, but rather a goal which consistently drives the industry towards new technologies and inventions. Virtual reality is now present in many parts of our world, from video games, real-life simulators, to even casinos. People love new experiences and virtual reality enables even punters and poker aficionados to engage with other gamblers, remotely.

For those seeking traditional gambling in online casinos, and are traveling or are situated in New Jersey, the Sugarhouse Casino promotional code 2019 should provide sufficient fun until they check whether their smartphones support virtual reality.

Do all smartphones support virtual reality? Technically, yes, but in reality, no.

The Different Types of Virtual Reality

People often think of video games where you can control the character by using your own body and they would be right, but only partly, as these are probably the best of what virtual reality can offer. Video games with a 360 degree view, where you can control the character with your body, are among the most demanding of video games. They require expensive hardware, like the newest Google Pixel phones and the Samsung Galaxy Note and S lineup.

These types of video games also require you to have special sensors on the phone, like gyroscopes and accelerometers. They also require a special VR headset which is also expensive.

Budget-Friendly Virtual Reality

Then, there is the other kind of virtual reality, the one you can buy for 15 dollars. Google’s Cardboard is an amazing thing, which allows you to experience already-existing scenes in virtual reality. It is basically a cardboard headset which allows you to view specially prepared scenes in virtual reality. While these scenes do not allow you to have a 360 degree view and to control your character, they do allow you to experience something in VR. Casinos love these, as they can render a poker room or blackjack table, directing the rest of the resources into player experience.

These types of scenes are limited in what they can show you and the budget-friendly devices like the Google Cardboard can really help you experience so much, compared to more expensive goggles like the Samsung Gear VR.

Is My Phone Supported?

To this question, the answer is yes and maybe, depending on the type of VR you want to experience. If you want to play video games which are designed and developed with the intention of only to be played in VR, then you will need more expensive phones like the Samsung S and Note lineup.

If you only want to view certain scenes in VR, then any Android device will be sufficient, but your experience may vary depending on the scene you are viewing, the goggles you are using and the device doing the rendering.